Just wondering whether anyone out there would like to give me a hand with this week's entry. I'm looking mainly to see whether it fits the prompt okay, and suggestions for whether it's too sappy or just plain not good enough.

Let me know!


2 thoughts on “BETA HELP ANYONE?

  1. I think it does all right at fitting the prompt. I helped beta a similar take on this theme — that first-world expectations do not prepare a person very well for unfamiliar parts of the world. The woman with her journal is a powerful image of this.

    I do think, though, the first/third world dichotomy can be taken too far. For instance “[he doesn’t worry about] anything that someone from a first world country worries about. Instead, he does what every other six-year-old boy from Zimbabwe would do…” I put it to you that no six-year-old would worry about getting an infection, and if they spared a thought for the dead creature it would probably only be to see what interestingly gross traces it had left. I don’t think a kid has to be from Zimbabwe to think that way (and conversely I wouldn’t think an adult has to be from the first world to think that way).

    • Thank you so much for the very quick response! I actually had that same thought as well but thought I could get away with it….;) Guess not! Thanks so much and if you think of anything else please let me know! Best of luck this week!

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